Norfolk Island Tours & Activities

From the moment you arrive on Norfolk Island you have the feeling of how life should be - an unspoilt life in a pristine environment of lush hills and valleys and the stunning Norfolk Island beaches.

It’s hardly surprising that many of the Norfolk Island tours revolve around the natural environment. Norfolk Island touring concerns provide 4WD eco tours, island discovery tours, horse riding, glass-bottomed boat and reef tours.

Gardeners will have a feast enjoying the botanic garden and rainforest tours and the tranquil Camelot Gardens.

One of the most unusual of the Norfolk Island walks is the Ghostly Talks and Walks tour – though perhaps not for everyone. For others, the Historical Convict tour or the Norfolk Island shopping tour is a-must.

Even though it will be tempting to just relax back in your picturesque Norfolk Island accommodation, make sure you get out and tour Norfolk Island to fully appreciate this unique environment.