Norfolk Island Shopping

Ahoy there shoppers! The word is out! Norfolk Island is the place to shop. Travelling to Norfolk Island is a breeze with regular weekly flights.

Armed with your map of Norfolk Island you’re ready to hit the shops. Just when you thought standard duty free shops were super, wait till you see the prices and range of items that are part of your low tax shopping experience. It’s particularly attractive to Australian visitors being so close, and sharing the same currency as Norfolk Island.

Burnt Pine is the shopping town in the heart of Norfolk. The famous Norfolk Island shopping avenue is on Taylors Road. There are shops on both sides of Taylors Road and a few Norfolk Island restaurants surrounding the area. You’ll also find the Post office, Liquor Bond and Community Hall in the area.

The Norfolk Island markets are also a fabulous place to find specials as well as authentic hand-made souvenirs to remember your Norfolk Island holiday.

Shopping around for Norfolk Island accommodation is simple with a range of historic cottages, lodges and hotels on the island. More detailed booking information can be found from the Norfolk Island Tourism service or on line.

Some visitors travelling to Norfolk Island come purely for the shopping experience with savings of up to 50%. There is however a range of interesting “trip down spooky lane” tours of Norfolk Island to weave into your trip. Regardless of your itinerary, Norfolk Island is sure to be an experience you will not forget.