Norfolk Island Map

Since you’ll be visiting one of the most stunning islands in the world, collect a Norfolk Island map before you come – anticipation is half the fun.

A map of Norfolk Island National Park outlines the trails through the island’s last remnants of subtropical forests, which once covered Norfolk Island, and will guide you on your trek to the highest point on the island, Mount Bates, rising 318 metres above the Pacific blue. Norfolk Island maps also include the trails through the historic botanical gardens and rainforest walk.

The original settlement of Kingston, with striking Phillip Island offshore, is unique for its rolling green sweep to the ocean, dotted by majestic Norfolk pines and penal remnants.
However, the settlement of Burnt Pine, shown on any Norfolk Island map as holding pride of place in the island’s centre, is the major shopping precinct and community hub.

Norfolk Island accommodation knows how to cater to visitors and includes luxury cottages, resorts and apartments.