Norfolk Island Attractions

Norfolk Island has terrific appeal for the intrepid traveller. During your travels on Norfolk Island explore the spectacular terrain, ranging from beautiful beaches to historic ruins.

There are plenty of aquatic adventures on the island. Fishing on Norfolk Island is popular, with plenty of tuna and other reef fish around. Norfolk Island beaches are magical and are rarely crowded. Soak up an underwater adventure and scuba dive off Norfolk Island’s bays. Phillip Island is close to Norfolk and offers an extension of crystal clear waters.

Tourists on Norfolk Island can also enjoy the cool lush surroundings of the national park and gardens. The Norfolk Island Botanic Garden and parklands make up a substantial portion of Norfolk Island. The natural fauna is an attraction, with many interesting hours of bird watching on Norfolk Island to be had.

You may also see a bird or two at Norfolk Island’s Golf Course. The flora and fauna can be seen from points such as Mt Pitt. A Norfolk Island pine tour shows how the emblem of the island grows prolifically.

Burnt Pine is in the centre and is the biggest and most developed town, but no need to stamp out any bush fires while you are there.

You will however learn of fiery adventures on a Norfolk Island historic tour of the museums at Kingston. It is a good idea to take some maps of Norfolk Island if you decide to drive. Prices of car rentals on Norfolk Island make the process comfortable and affordable and are a great way to see the sights.