Getting to Norfolk Island

Thinking of a holiday adventure for the family that won’t break the budget? Norfolk Island is a small magical island in the south-west pacific in between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. The sparkling beaches on Norfolk Island and historic charm are world-class and the scenery is magnificent.

Travelling to Norfolk Island is easy, with regular flights and all the information you need at your fingertips. There are three main airlines that run to and from Norfolk; Air New Zealand, Norfolk Air and Qantas.

A short flight to Norfolk Island can be arranged from Auckland, Sydney or Brisbane. Allow longer flight times and built in stopovers if travelling from other states in Australia or from southern New Zealand.

Getting Around Norfolk Island

A tour of Norfolk Island and other Pacific Islands are also possible by cruise ship. The travelling times are more sporadic and you’d need to allow a number of days to travel from the other mainlands to Norfolk.

A great way of organising your Norfolk Island holiday is to contact your travel agent or Norfolk Island Tourism to obtain maps and flight packages. There are many great deals that include flights, accommodation and car hire on Norfolk Island. Renting a car on Norfolk Island is the easiest and most affordable option as there is no public transport.

The other transport option is to book a taxi, or do some long scenic walks on Norfolk Island. Regardless of the mode of travel you chose, your Norfolk Island vacation is sure to be a success.